Electrical Safety Training for Those Keeping Us Safe

We love our firefighters and first responders for all they do to keep the community safe.  We want to keep them safe too as they do their job. The renewable energy industry is rapidly evolving every year and creating some complex challenges for firefighters to be aware of.  Off grid power production systems, rooftop and ground mount solar arrays that alternatively energize buildings, battery storage systems, wind energy, hydro-electric, the list goes on. Soon people will start powering their homes with their electric vehicles when the power goes out!  All these installations come with unique and challenging circumstances that firefighters and first responders need to be effectively trained in so that they can respond safely to fire emergencies. We offer training classes to keep firefighters and first responders educated so they can come home safe to their families.

This is an in person or online training program that is live and instructor led.  We cover important topics from the International Fire Code, International Building Code, NFPA 70E, NFPA 70 ,as well as other sources. When finished with this training your department should be able to identify electrical hazards and be able to safely approach them on the scene of a fire.  

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