Keeping your electrical licenses active and your team educated is an essential part of running your business. This is where continuing education classes come into play. Not only does training help you meet the requirements of the licensing jurisdiction, but it helps your team be up on the latest Code requirements and safety procedures and as a result, you save time and money as you pass your electrical inspections the first time and your team works smart and safe.

Fire Departments & First Responders

The renewable energy industry is rapidly evolving every year and creating some complex challenges for firefighters to be aware of.  Off grid power production systems, rooftop and ground mount solar arrays that alternatively energize buildings, battery storage systems, wind energy, hydro-electric, the list goes on. Soon people will start powering their homes with their electric vehicles when the power goes out!  All these installations come with unique and challenging circumstances that firefighters and first responders need to be effectively trained in so that they can respond safely to fire emergencies. We offer training classes to keep firefighters and first responders educated so they can come home safe to their families.

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