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Inspection Requests

Our professionalism and friendly nature is no exception when it comes to the inspection process.
With safety top of mind, we work tirelessly to make sure we stay up on all the ever-changing Code requirements and enforce those Codes with your safety and peace of mind as our goal.
We offer third-party electrical inspections for your electrical projects as required by local municipalities and utility companies.
We also offer private inspection services for private parties.
This might be someone who is looking to purchase a property and wants a more in depth look at the electrical system than would be provided by a general home inspection, or someone who wants to prevent an electrical fire by means of inspections and our scheduled maintenance program.
Take a look at our coverage area page to see what jurisdictions we currently perform inspections in.
* Please note that private inspection services are not limited to the coverage area list and can be performed anywhere within a reasonable distance.

For more information on the subjects of insurance payouts and the legal responsibilities when it comes to the aftermath of an electrical fire and the scheduled maintenance required, check out this article by Logan on 

Approved Inspection Agency with Central Hudson Gas & Electric Co.

Certified through the ICC and NYS Department of BUilding Codes & Standards

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